Examples of past, current, and in-progress works for your viewing pleasure.

~ Alfred, Dumpling Director


Holiday Card – Snowflake

holiday card mockup

I designed this card in Fall 2016 for Weingarten Realty. I incorporated Art Deco-inspired line art and shapes to frame the central snowflake design. The lines on the final design featured a silver metallic overlay for the line art and blue metallic overlay on the text.

Neon Dumpling, April 2018



Travel Poster


This is a travel poster I created for a juried design competition whilst I was in design school. I earned a Silver Award for poster design. This project was created primarily in Illustrator, with water and sky textures brought in from Photoshop. I haven’t visited Singapore yet, but I was immediately drawn to it’s striking architecture.

Neon Dumpling, May 2018



Intrepid Fox Wine Label


Yet another Silver Award winning design in the Product Packaging category. All artwork was created using Illustrator. The border was a stock illustration I procured from an image site. The name Intrepid Fox was inspired by the name of a pub I came across in Picadilly Circus on a conference trip to London. I wanted an Old-World yet modern feel.

Neon Dumpling, May 2018



Typography Poster


A typographic poster I created for a student portfolio show in design school. I wanted to communicate the multidiscipline aspect of this show, which encompassed much more than print design, but also 3D animation, video production, and web design. This was created with Photoshop, employing many textures, blending modes and typographic elements.

Neon Dumpling, May 2018



Fiscal Year Budget Proposal Cover Pages


While I was working with the University of Houston DSAES, I designed a series of assets for each of the 9 departments that comprised the Student Affairs department. These two examples reflect the overall concept. I used Photoshop to create these.

Neon Dumpling, August 2018



Fiscal Year Budget Proposal Title Slides


Blank white projector screen mockup in a meeting room

Two examples of the presentation title slides which correspond to the budget proposal cover pages above. I modified the primary image cubes to fit the slide dimensions and created master slides for each department’s presentation.

Neon Dumpling, August 2018



Brochure Cover Design

Mockups Design

This is a prototype for a front desk brochure for HCTRA that would be provided to visitors and giving them detailed information on using their mobile device to take care of various EZ TAG billing and account tasks. InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop were used to devise the various elements of the brochure.

Neon Dumpling, December 2018



Album Cover Design


I saw a tutorial for creating an album cover on the site Designcuts and thought it would be an opportunity to do something fun while learning some Photoshop tricks. An avid music fan as well as a musician, I enjoyed channeling a funky, 70s soul vibe and got playful with the album and artist names. I also learned a couple things I didn’t know before.

Neon Dumpling, January 2019




Business Collateral – Cards


I redesigned numerous pieces of business collateral for Concrete Enterprises when I contracted with them through The Creative Group a year ago. I needed to stay relatively conservative with the brand, but I refreshed it with lots of clean, negative space and modernized icons for the contact information.

Neon Dumpling, January 2019